A man was put under for a medical procedure. When he awoke, he asked the nurse attending him, “Is it all over, am I okay?” She assured him that yes, it was over, he was just fine and all was well. He then said, “Oh, good. Tell me, will I be able to play the piano?” To which she replied, “Oh, of course you will!” With a groggy impish grin came his answer, “Wow! I’m glad, cause I never could before!”

There seems to be a modern movement afoot that claims, ‘If you see others doing it, and if you want, you can do it also.’ See…be.

Oh, c’mon!

Wanting to do or be what God did not intend for your life is a struggle that pits you against enormous odds. And for our children to be indoctrinated that they can be, and do anything they choose, is a lie. They are being set up for a life filled with frustration and failure.

A five-foot six-inch guy can spend years watching seven-foot-tall basketball players run up and down the court like gazelles and dunk the ball with six inches to spare. He can admire them, he can enviously want to be their height, he can even practice for the next ten years to be just like them – BUT HE CAN’T BE SEVEN FEET TALL! To tell someone who is totally deaf that they can be a famous opera singer…probably not. A child who struggles enormously with the most basic math is not going to have an easy time becoming an astronaut.

Don’t read this column wrong. I am NOT saying to never encourage them to be the best, to never dream big. Kids need to be taught to set high goals and to pursue what they want, with everything within them. But the last four words of that sentence above is the key…with everything within them.
Inspire them to find the strengths that are built within them. Don’t be the Cold-Water Committee, always telling them, “You really can’t.” On the contrary, encourage your children to try whatever they enjoy, but to pursue what they are truly gifted to be. And they are gifted by their Creator to do something in His plan.

The Apostle Peter asked Jesus, “What is John going to do?” To which Jesus responded, “What is that to you? You do what I called you to do.” (Italics are from this writer.)

Pursue dreams and goals, yes, but realize and accept reality. And then race madly toward a goal for which you have gifts and talents to accomplish. We can’t just “See & Be.” Not unless we have that gift and talent. But we can reach that goal we were made to reach.

Don’t let an advertising campaign frustrate you or your kids. Tell them – and yourself – the real truth, so you can get busy doing what you can actually do.

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