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Dr. Andy Bowman

As an ordained minister for over forty years, Andy is an experienced speaker who loves to incorporate humor  into his messages. The Scripture references he uses  are relatable and easily understood for the modern listener.  Whether he is speaking in front of a civic organization or a religious gathering, his wit and strong personal faith shines through his delivery.


Renie Bowman

Renie has used her talent as a Christian soloist to open doors to speak at ladies events and church gatherings for many years. As a sexual abuse survivor, she has a understanding and a compassion for victims of emotional and sexual abuse. Holding a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling, she uses her speaking engagements to attempt to offer hope and help to others.

Upcoming Live Events




10/8/23 – 10/10/23 Gospel Light Baptist Church – Revival New Vineyard, ME
10/22/23 – 10/29/23 First Baptist Church Wewoka, OK

Interested in Andy & Renie Speaking at Your Church Service or Live Event?

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