Years ago, songwriter Mac Davis penned the lyrics to a song about a tiny orphan girl who evidently longed to experience being loved. In the song, “WHOEVER FINDS THIS, I LOVE YOU” she writes a note containing those words, and it into the wind. A lonely old man eventually found the note among the autumn leaves and read her plea for love. That was the beginning of a beautiful and warm friendship that both of them desperately needed.

Lately it seems our world has become too much like this hurting little girl and the old man – alone in their pain. So many seem to be struggling in isolation as they deal with misery, anxiety and fear. Despair and depression have become the regular companions of folks, instead of the hope and peace that comes with being surrounded by close friends and loving family.

And there are so many who would probably like to do just what that little girl did. Reach out to someone – anyone – with the words, “Whoever finds this, I love you.” Because in reality, those words were actually a plea for someone to care about her. See me, care about me, love me.

Just like today.

“Whoever finds this, please love me.” If that phrase strikes a chord of loneliness deep within you, please know this. You may be physically isolated. And you may be emotionally lonely. But dear hurting friend, you are never truly alone. You have not been abandoned by the One who created you. Over two thousand years ago, God sent the entire world a promise in the form of His Son, Jesus. A promise to love each of us, a promise to care and help us with our problems. No matter how huge or small. He is with us every step of this long and dark journey we seem to be on today. When we simply turn to Him and ask for the help we need, He is faithful to be right beside us.

Does He always give us the answers we are wanting when we pray? No. He never promised He would be our golden goose. But, He did promise that He would do what is best for us. Even when we can’t understand His decisions, and we loathe what has happened in our life. Trust and faith are not the easy way out, but they are the only way out. Anything else only leads to more fear, anxiety and loneliness.

This is our 2021 Christmas Coffeetime Column from Andy & Renie. Our goal thru our column is to always be humorous, honest and encouraging as we try to write a positive message in these dark times. We pray we have been successful in doing just that. May God bring more light into your own personal darkness in this coming year, with real joy and peace in your hearts.

By the way, “Whoever reads this, we love you.”

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