​Men. The very first species of human-kind that the Creator made, and with absolutely no instruction manual to show Him how. The Bible says God made Man “in His image.” I have to wonder – is that why men are so reluctant to read the instruction manual, or stop and ask someone for directions? Was God so literal about man being made in His image, that a man has a built-in “Nope, don’t need it” in their DNA?

Ever noticed the first thing the average man does when he has purchased and unboxed an item that needs assembling? Yep, you got it. He will immediately toss the packing Styrofoam, along with the printed INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSEMBLING, into the trash. Then he will spend the next few hours muttering and grumbling as he repeatedly tries and retries to make the pieces, various bolts and all the screws fit. And then when, and if, he finally gets it all put together in a semblance of the original intent of the item, he probably will have a screw left over. At which point he holds it up triumphantly and yells, “They did it again! They invariably send at least one too many! I think they must do that to mess with your head.”

“Written instructions from the manufacturer are there to help you correctly assemble and use the item.” That sentence is a simple explanation of why following the item’s manual is the easiest, fastest, and smartest way to succeed. Easy-peasy to understand the concept. Then why do most men make certain that the first thing to hit the bottom of the trashcan is said manual? Refer to my earlier sarcastic comment – their DNA?

Bet you Bible-reading women already know where this is going. But I’ll continue on for the benefit of all.

To have a good and loving marriage. To successfully rear children and be a great dad. To be the best that you can be at your chosen field of work. To be a godly man, husband and father. YOU GOTTA READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL THAT TELLS A MAN HOW TO DO IT. Men, you don’t have to just wing it – striking out on your own, just doing the best that you can with no instruction! That would be a pretty unfair expectation, and God didn’t do that.

In His infinite wisdom your Creator knew you would need help. You have a difficult job ahead of you – being the leader of your home, a godly example and guide for your kids to follow. That’s why He gave you a Bible to read for instructions on how to do just that.

Like my mom used to yell, “Do ya think I’m just talkin’ to hear my voice in the wind? I’m tryin’ to help you!” Same with your Creator.

He wrote it down to help you, if you will just read it. Happy Father’s Day, guys.

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