Don’t kid yourself. You ain’t ever gonna be that strong, that good, or that important! To anyone in your world. No matter how hard you try, or how great you believe that you are.

In fact, that attitude can cause you to wear yourself out trying to be the Grand Man In The Cape. And at the same, you just might be coming across as the pompous know-it-all who-thinks-he-can-do-it-all to those around you.

Superheroes are just….not. Sure, in the comic strips they can have it all, be it all, while they are doing it all. But I’m pretty sure none of you have ever seen a comic book that was based on your own fantastic looks, your unbelievable strength, and your x-ray repelling body. To say nothing of your genius mind, your amazing capacity for empathy, and your problem-solving abilities.

Face it. It’s not worth it. Stop trying to be everything to everyone, in every situation. Take a step back for a while to figure out who you really are. What skills and talents you possess. What areas of life truly interest you. Then break away from the stuff that feels like prison to you.

Work? You can change career-direction. Sure, it may mean more education thru night classes, and even a step sideways in finances. But totally worth it. Committee memberships? Bow out gracefully and quickly. Too many church duties? No sane pastor alive would refuse to understand when you explain your predicament. Social obligations? Don’t even get it a second thought of regret when you apologetically remove yourself from the calendar.

As I am writing this, the only things that I can think that should hold you with absolutely unbending bands of commitments are your family and your Creator.

My point is this. Find you. Then start a rework, tailored to who you really are and what you want to do. Don’t be the person who wakes up one morning and realizes that according to average life span records, you are about ten years from not being around. And what you’ve actually wanted from life is still a tiny speck in the distance.

Sure, you did a lot of good stuff. Praiseworthy stuff. Superman stuff. But was it really what God put you here on earth to do? Or were you simply doing what you felt needed to be done?

Like I used to tell frustrated and hurting counselees when I was licensed to work in that capacity. “If you keep doing ‘so-n-so,’ simply because it needs to be done, then no one else has to step up and do it. Yes, you’re doing it, and probably doing it very well. But if that is not your calling, just a responsibility you have taken upon yourself, then you may be standing in the way of someone else who needs that work.”

Don’t wait too long, Superman or Superwoman. There will come a time when it’s too late.

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