The following is a man’s recipe for eventually learning to live all alone…

Shoot, I really hate it when the wife’s feelin’ bad. It jest gets her down and seems to mess up her days. I’ve watched it all thru our marriage, so I know what I’m a’sayin’ to be true.

Recently, I got up one early frosty mornin’ when she was sick, and bless her heart, she had yet to stoke the fire. And she also let the supply in the wood box run out. I shore feel bad for her when she lets that happen. ‘Cause I know she plumb dislikes havin’ to go out on our back porch, – that’s where she stacks it – to get another armload of wood. That cold air jest seems to make her a mite cranky. And speaking of mornin’ chores, guess she also forgot to let our little dog out at 5:30, cause I saw a real mess on the carpet that she never likes cleanin’ up.

Like I said, I hate it for her when she don’t feel real good.

I told our kids to be extra kind ‘n patient with her that morning. Told ‘em they needed to remember that their momma don’t move so quickly with a temperature of 103. I explainified to those little ‘uns that we got to give her a little extra grace and understandin’. We’ll just sit quietly at the breakfast table if she’s runnin’ a little behind with our eggs and bacun. And if the biskuts are a little on the crunchy side, jest don’t complain. She shore don’t need all of us tellin’ her how bad they turned out, so let me do the talkin’.

She must have also been feelin’ a mite poorly the evenin’ before, cause she forgot to wash Junior’s basketball uniform. So I made sure to warn the kids they wuz gonna be late for school always seems to take so long for her to wash and dry that thing. Shore glad I’ve been workin’ on learnin’ patience.

But honestly, one of th’ other reasons I hate it when my Sugar Bear comes up sick – I have to milk old Bessie myself those days. And that cow never cooperates with me – guess she don’t like strangers with cold hands. Makes me feel downright unappreciated.

Yep, th’ wife is in my prayers today. I shore ‘nuff hope she starts feelin’ better soon, cause it’s gettin’ close to tillin’ and plantin’ time, and that woman jest has a special way with our ol’ tractor. Guess ‘cause she’s worked on it for so many years when it breaks down.

I shore do hate it when that woman of mine gets sick, I truly do.

Folks, if you have no inclination to learn to live alone, then I beg you… go ahead and laugh at this guy, but treat your own spouse with the kindness and respect that love demands!

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