You hear a lot of ‘loving’ being mentioned. “I love my truck…my chocolates, my family… playing golf…going to the movies, drinking beer, etc.” You name it, each one of us has someone or something that we say we love. Really?

The dictionary explains the word ‘love.’ Here it is: ‘A strong feeling of affection and concern for the welfare of another person, as in a friendship.’ Or it can be this: ‘A strong feeling of affection and concern for their welfare toward another person, accompanied by sexual attraction.’ And it lists another version; ‘A feeling of adoration and affection toward your God.’

That’s it. Strong feelings for a person or God.

Somehow, that definition just doesn’t seem to fit when it comes to loving a thing. Can you hear someone say with a dramatic sigh, “I have strong feelings of affection and concern for its emotional welfare toward my truck.” Or, “I have strong feelings of affection and concern for its welfare toward my chocolate bar.” Or this one… “I have a strong concern for the emotional welfare of my beer.”

Nah. Truth is, you use your truck, you devour your chocolate bar, and you slug your beer.

So according to old man Webster, don’t tell me that you love those things. Reality check? You enjoy using that truck. And you lust after that chocolate bar or that cold beer. That is a completely different relationship with those things in your life than with your family, your friends, or your God.

Men, when it comes to the lady in your life on Valentine’s Day, you want to give her things that show how you feel about her. Be it flowers, chocolate, a night out, or….an ice cold can of beer. Whatever you think might say to her, “Hey, I am concerned about you and your emotional welfare.”

But your can of beer, or your truck? You couldn’t care less whether they feel loved by you. You are not there to make them feel special. You know good and well that they are in your life only to make you happy.

And ladies, that hunk of Godiva chocolate that keeps calling your name? You don’t care how it’s feeling emotionally – be honest, you simply lust for it. Or that new pair of jeans you find so irresistible that you pull out your credit card without a second thought? That’s not love – that’s for your own sake!

Don’t confuse ‘lusting’, ‘using’, or ‘enjoying’ with truly loving. Toys, jobs, places, food, and experiences are all just things. It is only the people in your life and your Creator who are to be loved.

“I enjoy and use my truck” makes a lot more sense than “I love my truck.” And spending the bulk of your time and attention on the people you love makes even more sense.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Put a smile of love on someone’s face today.

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