Can’t you just picture it in your head?

Colonel Worthington Worm called his tactical team together in a planning meeting one balmy evening in Oklahoma.

“Attention, Majors. We are officially at war. Our mission before us here in Oklahoma; to destroy and annihilate every lawn that we can. Each of you will be dispersed across the state with a company of soldiers. Your job is to direct lines of offense in your designated sector that will completely terminate every blade of living grass of the lawns in this state. In the next sixty seconds each of you will receive your separate orders by regular line of communication.  Move out!”

Very soon billions of army worms were divided into companies, and ordered into thousands of perfect lines… waiting. Waiting on the next words from their commanding officer. Which came swiftly.

“Attention! Heads down in position! Jaws open! March and devour!”

Like a monstrous lawn mower, they moved swiftly forward, munching and devouring all lawn grass in their path. Line upon line followed each other as they worked in tandem, intent upon not letting one blade of grass live through the day.

Yep, that’s our version of what must have transpired the day we saw our lawn go from emerald green that morning to a sad pale yellow by evening light. Oh, yes, we had an inkling it would be coming. Our neighbor had told Andy what had happened to their grass the day before. And our evening walk past their house confirmed her words.

Upon the warning from our neighbor, we began our research. Compiling our defensive measures…just in case. A quick question to Google gave us an answer to our looming problem. Saturate the lawn with a solution of dish soap and water. Army worms fear soapy water as much as a little eight-year-old boy fears a bath at the end of his summer play day.

Sure enough, the next morning the tell-tale signs of Colonel Worthington’s arrival were evident. So, soap and water were sprayed liberally and a frantic call to our lawn care company was placed. Our lawn suffered and yellowed, but it survived the battle and now has finally regained most of its green. We were told this battle was won because we marshalled our defenses quickly.

Same applies to this battle called Life. There is an army that is always moving to destroy your hopes and dreams. Realize it and believe it is real. Then make your defensive plans.

Call upon the wisdom of your Creator to guide you. Follow the guidelines laid out for survival, known worldwide as His Word. Act upon what you have read in that Book. Do not ever concede your turf – don’t ever give up on life. 

You will definitely lose some battles along the way, but your goal is to win the war…both of them. The wars against army worms, and the destruction of your personal life.

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