Okay, so you are not a Miss America, hiding out in blue jeans. And you, sir, will never be the world’s next millionaire, with shoulders wide enough to make you have to slide sideways through the doorway. But you are YOU. And that, my friend, is enough to cause you to throw your skinny shoulders back, hold your balding head high, and march into this world as if you own the joint.

Ok, so you don’t own this world…but you can have a Father who definitely does. And you can have a Father who sees you clear to the bone and beyond, and still loves who He sees. It never matters to Him how much money you have – a God who created it all is not impressed by your measly bank account, or your oil wells. And your beauty – or the lack thereof – does not cause Him to stare and whistle incredulously.

So, what makes us so important and lovable to our Creator? Darned if I know. Let’s face it, you and I are self-important, whiney, and judgmental people. Just the opposite of what He asked us to be. But according to what He wrote to us years ago in The Letter, God still sees us as so valuable to Him that He and His Son agreed to devise a rescue plan. A way to make us into what He wants us to be. Not to just simply overlook our bad stuff – but a way to liberate us from who we have become. Ugly to the bone in every way.

The Rescue Plan? Here’s my imaginary scene.

Long before the world was created, God and Jesus were talking over a glass of iced tea about you and me. How self-centered and hurtful we were going to be after we had lived a few years on this old earth. They knew that horrible people like us would pollute their perfect Heaven, but they also desperately wanted us to be with Them when we leave our bodies. So together, they concocted The Plan.

(Jesus) “Father, tell ya what. I’ll pay their way, and You accept that payment…completely. Deal?”

(God) “Jesus, my Son, you have a deal. But the only condition is this: Every person has to admit to You that their thoughts and behaviors have been rotten, and they need You to pay for everything. We both know You are perfect, so You CAN pay for it all, but each one has to accept that payment for themselves.”

(Jesus) “Deal.”

And that, my friends, is what happened. Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins, and all we have to do is acknowledge how bad we are, take Him at His word, and accept the payment He made. Done deal…forever. God never lies, and He never goes back on His word.

Drop your pride from those shoulders. See yourself as you really are. Weak, sinful, and needing help, before it is eternally too late.

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