Ever had a three-year-old appear on your front porch with dazzled little eyes in a glowing face and pipe up, “Oh, wow! Ya’ll have Christmas!” I’m sure you have, and we did, too. Our tiny grandson had come visiting us for the holiday, and he was excited. He was blown away by all the colored lights and glittering Christmas decorations that we had outside our house. Such a fond memory.

But today I find myself wondering. Is that what all of us are doing now? We’ve descended to this? To quote a tiny little toddler, we’re just “having Christmas.” Gifts, food, music, lights, and loud happy parties, with no real reason. Do any of us actually remember Christmas Day the way it used to be? When even those who were not followers of Jesus Christ held the day in true reverence and awe. And the laughter and gaiety came from grateful hearts – instead of the bottom of a glass.

So. What do we have left – now that we have basically taken the true and real reason out of Christmas? Well, let’s see. Sugary treats…oh yeah, lots and lots of sugary treats. And Santa Claus! Don’t you dare forget the jolly old red-cheeked little elf. And remember all those holiday movies about finding your true love in the merry month of December. On the farm, in the snow packed inn, in a recording studio, on a train bound for somewhere up north, in the kitchen of the local restaurant…ad nauseum. And then there’s the presents that have to be bought and given out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has ever crossed your path the last fifteen years. And yep, there’s also the liquor. Liquor, and more liquor, in every form and flavor. And the parties. The endless parties with absolutely no hint of celebrating the real reason we are celebrating.

Don’t mistake my words for a total dislike of Christmas. It is not that I am another Scrooge. My problem is our world’s reason and way of celebrating Christmas. Thru the years we have slowly and gradually slid downward – well, not so gradually any more – (More like an out-of-control roller-coaster’s mad descent) into a month of mindless partying. All this hubbub to supposedly celebrate a piece of actual world history that people no longer even remember. Let alone respect and honor.

Two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, and we still “have Christmas.” It’s just not about the birth of Him anymore. It’s about the party itself. Because the reason was left behind a long time ago – celebrating the birth of our Creator, who willingly came to the Earth to pay for all our sins.

Alarming, folks. Very alarming. Our world may have a short memory concerning the birth of the Lord Jesus – but be assured, our Holy Creator does not.

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