An old man wakened to the grandfather clock in the hall chiming the hour. But when he heard 11-12-13-14 chimes, he quickly rolled over to shake his sleeping wife. Her mumbled response was, “What?” He frantically yelled, “Good grief, woman, get up! We gotta get busy, ‘cause it’s definitely later than it’s ever been before!”

Oh yeah, it definitely is later than ever before. Every twenty-four hours we have one less day in our lives to accomplish our goals. What is on your proverbial bucket list, before you kick the bucket? To become wealthy? Travel the world? Be acknowledged in your social circle for having the most Botox treatments?

Of course, it is your life and your choices. But a few things are truly important, and we have decided to intrude on your time to point them out. Hopefully you might reconsider your choices, if having an eighty-eight-year-old wrinkle-free face while you are traveling the world in search of more toys and trinkets to store (or trip over) has been your life goal.

Make absolutely certain that your family members know they are loved by you – weaknesses, failures and all. Too often we waste time majoring on petty differences and holding major grudges. To love someone shouldn’t be based on their likeability or their successes. In fact, you accepting them in spite of their failures could be the shot in the arm they need to turn things around.

Spend time honoring your spouse. Remember, you were the adult who chose to marry that person! So honor your own decision, and commit yourself to being a spouse who does marriage right. One of you has to begin acting like your marriage matters – whether or not you get treated with love and honor in return. Hopefully, given time to see a lasting change in you, your spouse will reciprocate. But if that is a long time coming, you have nothing to regret. You can hold your head high and know, “I did marriage right.”

Realize your kids are a product of the love and discipline you are giving. (Or the lack of it) Realize your darlings aren’t darlings to everyone else, unless you work at it. Give them loving attention and discipline. That creates great kids. And great kids have the greatest chance to become great adults.

Be a valued employer or employee. Work does more than provide you with money. Pride in work well done helps create a sense of well-being. And being a person who can be counted on to work hard at the job…rare and wonderful.

Use your time wisely. Social media debates change nothing. Laziness accomplishes nothing good. You are better off using your brain and body to honor your spouse, train your kids and work your job.

Get ready to meet your Creator one of these days. ‘Cause undoubtedly you will.

Focus on the good stuff in life. Today is later than ever before.

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