Saw a quote recently that needs to be read by more people: “There are only two decent places for dirty laundry; the clothes hamper and the washing machine.” Very accurate.

Seems social media is the favorite place for some folks to air their dirty laundry. Personal problems,
relationship abuse, and anger issues are fair game out there. Too many who have access to Facebook, a grievance, and two fingers that can type, feel free to let their whole online world read their private problems, thoughts and emotions.

Not saying to deny what you are feeling. On the contrary, your emotions are yours and they’re not good or bad – they just are. And not saying that what you are going through is just tiny stuff – there is way too much pain and evil out there for anyone to say that. But think about this. Once you put it out on social media, IT’S PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. And if what you wrote is about an issue that gets resolved, put behind you, and you would prefer it to stay that way – guess what? That ain’t happening! You may prefer to never hear about it again, but now you won’t have a choice in the matter. Anyone who saw it on FB may feel free to try to discuss it with you, (or with countless others…ever heard of the good ole Gossip Mill?) You can easily be The Topic for brutal chatter behind your back, for a long time.

Be honest with yourself. Your reason for trashing someone on social media is to get your message out there, “I am right and the other person is wrong, and I want everyone to know it.” And if the other person does the same, then both of you have dirty undies hanging on the line, with everyone watching them wave in the wind. Dirty laundry is never pretty and believe me, it will be associated with your name for a long time.

Another reason to resist posting your problem on social media; you are going to get skewed feedback.

Scripture states that we are to seek reconciliation as much as possible. That becomes a lot more difficult when you have invited every online Tommy, Dick and Harriet to side with you and tell you how badly you have been offended. And, you are going to have a lot harder time seeing the situation honestly when they are telling you that you are not to blame in any way. Really? You are innocent of any wrong-doing in your situation? Then you are the one person on earth other than Jesus, to ever accomplish that.

Folks, you are much better off to seek the counsel of someone who only wants to help both of you see the truth. It’s a mighty thin pancake that only has one side. You have played a part in this struggle, and part of the dirty laundry hanging out there is yours.

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