As a young boy, I would ask my dad for permission for something I wanted. Sometimes the answer was “Yeah sure, that’ll work, go ahead.” But all too often the response I received was not exactly the answer of my dreams. Quite regularly it was “No” with a firmness in his voice that I dared not question or cross. Then there were the times when he would ponder briefly and say, “Mmm….maybe, let me think about it.” But way too often, he would turn to look at me with a sharp glint in his eye as he retorted, “I seriously doubt that’s ever gonna fly, son.”

Occasionally dad would just say “You best learn to wait for that one, son.” Unfortunately, there were the instances when my appeals for a certain liberty didn’t get a “No” or a “Wait,” or even a “Maybe later, when you are a little older.” My request would cause this experienced father of five to just stop what he was doing, and break into a full belly laugh.  After that outburst he would shake his head, look me in the eyes and finally respond, “Oh, you gotta be kidding me, son.”

Truthfully, the only answer I liked was the “Yeah, sure, that’ll work, go ahead.” But as I got older and wiser, I had to admit he was right in giving me his “No” and even the ill-fated “You are kidding me, son.”  

Sounds so much like our other Father, doesn’t it? We ask for something that we just know will make our life perfect, and God says “You’re gonna have to wait for that one, you’re just not ready right now.” Or we plead for an answer that we believe will solve our problem, and He answers, “That’s not flyin’, son, but I’ll give you what you do need.” And then there are the times when God probably shakes his head and says, “You are kidding Me – no way will I ever let that come into your life! You have no idea of the consequences that would bring on, years down the road. Just trust me and let me do what I know to do in your life.” 

But one thing is absolute about God; never will you see the words, ‘Worthy Requests Only.’ He is always hearing our appeals – no matter what they might be. You may not like the response, but He will answer your requests. The Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto Me and I will answer, and show you great things you do not know.” You see, God is a wise and loving parent, who will not give you what you want, when it’s not good for you. 

Time will pass, and most of the time you will quoting the old song by Garth Brooks, “Thank God for unanswered prayers.” But if you never reach that point, know that your Creator knew what He was doing for you – even if you never understood.

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