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Hosting a Tiny Scary Guest

While visiting for a few days on a beautiful farm in the mountains recently, we always went walking every day. Those eight hundred acres were covered in large trees, meadows, and had a briskly rolling gorgeous little creek within a ten-minute stroll of the farmhouse....

The Pain and The Healing of the Wounded

Yep, it’s been a really tough few years for everyone. In just about every possible conceivable way. Financially, physically, and emotionally, and it hasn’t really mattered how old or young you are – life has stunk in a lot of ways. And this horrible onslaught of...

Think You Married Wrong?

Extroverts. You likely wake up and crave to “just be around somebody today.” You need that in-the-same-room-with-me feeling that only real human bodies can give. Extended alone time gives you a lonely, ‘left out of the loop’ emotion within. Pure happiness for some...

Own It- It’s Yours

You actually did it. You won the election. Or in the last second, you sunk the shot that won the game. Or your business was named in the top ten in your category this year for growth. Maybe, you actually got ol’ Ms. Fussbudget to laugh during English class. Or just...

Tiny Tyrant Never Been Spanked – And It Shows

Little kids. Lovable to the parent, easily spoiled. Easily become insufferable to others.

Facebook Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Laundry Bin

Saw a quote recently that needs to be read by more people: “There are only two decent places for dirty laundry; the clothes hamper and the washing machine.” Very accurate. Seems social media is the favorite place for some folks to air their dirty laundry. Personal...

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