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Need a God with Hair on Him?

You’ve heard it…the one about the little girl who was wakened by the lightning and thunder that lit up her bedroom and made the walls shake.  Trembling with fear, she shrieked for her Daddy who came running. As Daddy held her and soothed her fears, he assured her,...

Teen Learns Hard Lessons

As a young boy, I would ask my dad for permission for something I wanted. Sometimes the answer was “Yeah sure, that’ll work, go ahead.” But all too often the response I received was not exactly the answer of my dreams. Quite regularly it was “No” with a firmness in...

Make Your Plans, and Watch God Laugh

Andy was only a green twenty-year-old when he was called to his very first pastorate out in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. Located in a rural isolated community, this tiny church was accustomed to getting “newbies” as its pastor. Preacher-boys needed somewhere to learn...

Watch What You’re Grabbing, Folks

Occasionally we fix oatmeal for breakfast. Not your favorite thing to eat of a morning? Me neither. So doctor it up. Cinnamon, sugar, and raisins can make even shoe leather pretty tolerable. One morning we were busy working and talking in the kitchen together. Renie...

Funeral Set For Tuesday

Why is it so hard to put your spouse first, without expecting anything in return for your absolutely selfless kindness and generosity…sigh? (Yep, I have my tongue tucked way back in my cheek on that one.) I’m pretty sure you heard about the lady who told her husband...

Moms Do Shape The Future

On Mother’s Day, this article comes from Andy: One of my favorite memories is from the earlier years of our marriage, when our two sons were just beginning elementary school age. During those years, we often traveled in a van all over the eastern half of our country,...

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