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Don’t Live There, Just Visit Once

​Most people have a bad habit.  Nah, I don’t want to hear about your overeating- cigarette smoking- drug taking- lying- stealing- cheating, or tantrum throwing lifestyle. Moronic as those things are, everyone has another even more idiotic talent that we indulge. Yep,...

How to Start Your Own War

We all have done it. Whether we deliberately intend to speak those words, or they just kind of slide out when our mouth opens. But things that we should’na said are suddenly floating there in the air for someone else to digest. Then we live with the consequences....

I’ll Do It Later… Much Later

Everyone knows how to procrastinate – including me. I decided about two months ago to write this column. Finally, today I had to force myself to sit down and begin. Why? Why do we humans put off doing what we know we need to do? From what I have observed, the animal...

Flagged, Bagged and Tagged

Saw the movie “THE JESUS REVOLUTION” yesterday. Amazing how seeing scenes and hearing phrases from decades before can instantly transport a person back in time. I was a young teenager living in rural Oklahoma during the years of the Jesus Revolution. Very isolated and...

Toddler Armed and Ready

The little preschool-age girl, living on the farm with her siblings and parents, lived in constant fear of going outside to play. The reason for her terror? Their male goose (called a gander for those who are not up to snuff on geese) thought it great fun to chase the...

Dad & Mom… Their Kids Are Mirrors

Kids, even the adult versions, display the effects of the greatest influences in life…their parents. It can show up in being a mirror image of a parent, becoming similar in actions and reactions. Or it can have the opposite effect. Sometimes, a person may decide that...

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