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Mr. MVP or Mr. MIP

Most Valuable Player. Depends upon the perspective and opinion of the person watching the game. Does he believe that it should be the player who scored the most points? Or is he of the opinion that the MVP can be a player who kept successfully setting up the offense...

Bad Memories Have a Long Shelf Life

Have you ever had a bad day, when everything you touched just soured? Sure, we all have had those kinds of days, nothing new to any of us. And when you had one, didn’t you find that it was difficult to be a sweetheart to everyone around you? After all, living...

Asking, Assuming or Demanding

A gripe taken from the lips of one frustrated lady, who was recently overheard in a public place. “I had the family holiday dinner at my house last week, just like I have for years. My daughter was to bring most of the food – including the cranberry dish that she...

A Little Girl Named Hope

​Grandma lay in the hospital bed, a shadow of the vital, energetic woman she had been just a year ago. Her strong hands that were endlessly involved in her family’s life, providing, comforting, and disciplining, now lay listlessly on the bed cover, thin and fragile....

The Heartache Season

It’s arrived. The Holiday of holidays for many. The month-long season of excitement, fun and anticipation. But there is another perspective on the Christmas season, and it’s not one of joy and family. For many, it brings memories of long-past years, when they too had...

Just Flappin’ His Gums

The old man is sitting on his front porch is his favorite rocking chair and talking to a his freshly minted twenty-one-year-old grandson – attempting to encourage him to think things over clearly before deciding. To make decisions for his life based on clear facts, a...

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