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Families Falling Apart

Generation Z. Young adults that older generations have a difficult time understanding. And a generation that, in turn, holds a lot of contempt for the lifestyles of generations before them. Boomers, as a whole, see adulthood as something that should be lived from this...

Fear, Dismay or Plain Panic

Ever sit around and wonder ‘Just what is the difference between fear, dismay or panic?’ Well, now that you have brought up the subject, let me give you my illustration of the differences. Fear – when you have a tiny baby in your care. You are totally responsible for...

Holding a Grudge- When is Long Enough?

Jim and Nick had been neighbors for years. Not necessarily close friends who knew each other’s daily habits and dislikes, but friendly enough. Except when Jim did something that got under the skin of his neighbor. Which, unfortunately happened more than once in those...

50 Plus 50 Can Equal Zero

The young lady had fallen in love. Radiant with happiness, she absolutely glowed like a softly lit Christmas tree. The young man she loved so deeply had recently admitted he felt the same. She floated through her days on air, waiting for the moment when he would pop...

Sick of Being the Last Part Over the Fence

It’s not exactly a terrific ego-booster to forever be ‘the belly’ – the body part that doesn’t clear the fence last, but still, you’re not the tip end of the nose that always goes first, either. Can make a person feel pretty mediocre at times. Whether it’s on the job,...

It Just Don’t Work That Way, Dummy!

*Be continually grouchy with your family and expect them to love, honor, and want to be around you. *Demand miracles from your staff at work and expect total loyalty from them – and to just love working for you. *Be a Christian who consistently gives God less than He...

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