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CoffeeTime is a weekly dose of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement from popular writing and speaking team Andy & Renie Bowman. Join them as they share authentic and relatable stories and discussions that will touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

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Creative Coping – Not a Good Thing

The man had a heart attack. His cardiologist then told him he had to walk at least forty-five minutes daily, the rest of his life. So off he went, just like the mailman – rain, sleet, snow, or burning sun. Walking became a regular part of his days. Then he began to...

Hammers, Pigs and Cows Can Make a Farmer Cuss

Andy has always said that his dad, whom I never had the privilege of meeting, was a fairly mild-mannered easy-going guy. Respected and well-liked in his rural community, a boys’ baseball coach, and a church-goer – seems he had a friendly word for everyone. Even when...

Don’t Plant Peas and Expect Spaghetti

While watching tv the other night, a commercial came on that got my attention. Yeah, that’s right. Believe it or not, an ad that was worth watching. In a closeup of his face, the owner of a local business was speaking directly into the camera. And lo and behold, he...

Better Version of Getting Older

Like so many of us, I have a lot of my family and friends’ birthdates in my phone’s calendar, and I have it set to notify me when a loved one’s birthday is on the horizon. I prefer to tell myself that “I have so many family members now, and combined with all my...

If Nothing Else, Salute The Uniform

Andy was once approached by two of his church members, military men, who asked him to become an Army chaplain. As such, his military rank would have required them to salute him. In amusement, he mentioned that fact. Their laughing response? “Remember, Pastor, we are...

Valuable Garbage

Blackened old banana peels, egg shells, used coffee grounds, moldy grapes and dried-up orange skins. The diet of champions. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrition, and guaranteed to make the body healthier. And so appealing to the eye. Just makes you drool at the very...

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