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CoffeeTime is a weekly dose of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement from popular writing and speaking team Andy & Renie Bowman. Join them as they share authentic and relatable stories and discussions that will touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

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Here, Hold My Rope

Susie and her older sister went for a walk on the country road near her home. As they stepped onto the arched bridge that spanned a rushing creek, Susie stopped midstride. Her sister, not realizing she was now alone on the bridge, just kept walking and talking about...

These Tough Men Are Rare

Seems my own version of ‘tough men,’ are rarely found any more, and the modern version of tough men are weak in comparison. Politically, today the phrase characterizes a person who fights for the causes he believes will benefit his people – or likely himself....

Fortune Tellers Don’t Even Know Your Name

They seem to be everywhere in any town you drive through. Signs promoting the services of a local ‘TAROT CARD READER,’ ‘FORTUNE TELLER,’ and ‘PALM READER’ seem to be on every block. Look online and there are also the online psychics - the “Call me, and I’ll tell you...

Wrong Place and Time, But Totally Innocent, Of Course

You and I hear them, the stories of people who insist they are totally innocent of any wrongdoing. Yet they are definitely identified as being at the scene of the crime, in the company of the criminals. How does that happen? Realistically, how often does a person just...

Nothing Fun About It, Usually

“I am not stupid! Ignorant maybe, but certainly not totally stupid.” The rallying cry of most of us. Everyone feels better when they have at least a little bit of knowledge concerning what they are doing. That’s why starting a new job can be nerve-wracking. Why...

Better Learn to Hold Your Holt

You’ve lived long enough to have heard a bunch of tired cliches and old sayings, I know. One of Andy’s favorites from an old friend is this; “Better hold your holt.”  His meaning? Hold your holt…holding on for dear life to your faith in God. No matter what you are...

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