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CoffeeTime is a weekly dose of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement from popular writing and speaking team Andy & Renie Bowman. Join them as they share authentic and relatable stories and discussions that will touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

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Worse Than a Dead Man Needing a Coffin

Ever received a frantic phone call from someone needing help? Out of nowhere in a dazzling blue sky, that swiftly moving thunderstorm of need rolls in over your nice quiet afternoon. And the peaceful rhythm of the day is suddenly set to an uneven beat. Reverend Sammie...

What You See May Not Really Be There

Andy is a typical early riser. Meaning he is usually up, dressed and sitting at the desk in his office by around seven every morning. Which causes him to see the sun began to filter cautiously thru the blinds and get stronger as morning passes. One such morning, he...

Cowards and Brave-Hearts

Have you ever made an enemy? Someone who not only detests you, but actually would love to see the ground open up and swallow you. While they laugh and annihilate everything that used to be yours.

Boundaries… Necessary Pain

Face it, our floors here in the Midwest get freezing cold in the wintertime. So cold that you really can’t just ignore them. “I’ll just mosey into the kitchen in my bare feet and get me a cup of coffee and make myself a sandwich. It’s only minus 15 degrees on my tile...

Whoever Finds This, Please Love Me

Years ago, songwriter Mac Davis penned the lyrics to a song about a tiny orphan girl who evidently longed to experience being loved. In the song, “WHOEVER FINDS THIS, I LOVE YOU” she writes a note containing those words, and it into the wind. A lonely old man...

Oh, Wow, Y’all Have Christmas!

Ever had a three-year-old appear on your front porch with dazzled little eyes in a glowing face and pipe up, “Oh, wow! Ya’ll have Christmas!” I’m sure you have, and we did, too. Our tiny grandson had come visiting us for the holiday, and he was excited. He was blown...

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